On-demand Webinar

Here's what homebuyers really think of you

Data shows that by the time buyers reach the closing table, their excitement about one of the biggest decisions in their life has dramatically decreased. One reason: 73% of first-time homebuyers find it difficult and confusing to navigate the homebuying process.

A deep dive session on current homebuyer attitudes, motivations, and behavior as well as mortgage lending 'trends' that are quickly becoming table stakes. Learn how you can respond to market conditions in a proactive way that future-proofs your business (instead of constantly reacting to a variable market).

Webinar Takeaways:

  • Real data on current homebuyer sentiment and insights regarding the end-to-end homebuying process (plus: tangible solutions to improve your offerings now)
  • Why the cost of doing business "the way you always have" is higher than you think
  • How your peers in the industry are leaning into pipeline automation to increase CSAT and NPS scores and decrease loan production costs

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