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Everything You Need to Know to Reboot Your Home Equity Offerings to Meet Demand Surge

The average homeowner is sitting on $153,000 in untapped equity; resulting in a $250B Home Equity market where demand is surging.

But the competitive landscape isn’t where you left it in 2019 when you put your Home Equity offerings on ice. Since then, new alternative players have entered the competitive landscape and borrower attitudes are shifting in kind.

Listen to this recorded webinar to understand where the market is today and the tangible changes you can make to stay competitive immediately.

Webinar Takeaways:

  • Current Home Equity/HELOC competitive landscape
  • 2022 Home Equity Borrower Persona (attitudes, expectations, motivations)
  • Tangible ways to make your Home Equity offers more competitive right now (and pitfalls to avoid)

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