Executive Brief

The Three Keys to Choosing the Right Title Company

In mortgage lending, the competition grows fiercer every day, and 70% of lenders expect this competition will continue to depress margins. Amid these market pressures, national lenders are ramping up efforts to expand market share and increase revenue. As a result, mid-size lenders are facing mounting pressure as larger firms begin to encroach on their traditional customer base. Find out how your title company can be your strategic advantage and ultimately create a better experience for borrowers, driving new and repeat business.

Speed matters. The longer it takes to close a loan, the higher the risk of losing the deal.

Read this guide to learn:

  • How to meet borrower expectations by removing the settlement bottleneck 
  • How having a title company laser-focused on service, efficiency and competitiveness will help you win in your market 
  • How you can achieve a next generation settlement experience for your borrowers 

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