Executive Brief

Digital Closings Clear Final Hurdles

eClosings offer tremendous benefits, including the ability to offer the simplified, modern experience that consumers demand, operational efficiencies, better-quality data, fewer errors, faster delivery of loans to the secondary market, and the potential to increase market share where your competitors are not ready to offer digital closings. What’s more, they may hold the key to leading our economy out of the COVID-19 market downturn.

The 20-year evolution of digital closings is finally crossing the finish line. Learn best practices, and tips to get started, in our industry-leading white paper.

The advent of digital closings has been a slow crawl toward implementation since 1999, but recent events related to the COVID-19 crisis are pushing the 20-year evolution of eClosings across the finish line. In our new white paper, we guide you through the highlights of the eClosings marathon, and share how the COVID-19 crisis response is accelerating adoption.

What you’ll learn:

  • About the long and winding road toward realizing eClosings since 1999
  • How innovations such as remote online notarization (RON), remote ink-signed notarization (RIN), and limited power of attorney (LPOA) are moving eClosings forward despite logistical challenges and the current economic slowdown
  • How eClosings may hold the key to leading our economy out of the COVID-19 market downturn
  • About the benefits to offering eClosings to consumers and customers
  • Best practices and actionable tips for getting started

*eClosings glossary included at the end of the white paper

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