On-Demand Webinar

Have your Cake and Eat it Too: Balance White-Glove Member Service with Digital-First Mortgages

Is your credit union struggling to strike a balance between the push for digital mortgages and your promise of 1:1 member service? Traditional title and escrow can clog your loan cycle with inefficiencies, and your members now expect and deserve concierge-level service throughout their loan lifecycle. Explore how to balance hands-off technology that automates your mortgage pipeline and keeps you in front of your members.

Join this webcast to discover how to deliver both white-glove member service and digital-first mortgages through. You will learn how to:

  • Lean into automation that brings you out of the weeds and in front of your members instead
  • Pinpoint the steps in your loan cycle that are ripe for optimization
  • Shift your transactional vendors to strategic partnerships

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